At the beginning of 2013 equal status has been given to electronic invoices and traditional paper invoices.

With the individual verification (signature authentication) the authenticity of origin and the integrity of the receipt is guaranteed as well as the obligation to keep records is met. The fiscal signature is internationally unique and based on the certificate of the owner of the data. The access code for an individual receipt is composed of the fiscal signature and the receipt total.

The signature authentication (individual verification) can be done directly on irrespective of the type of receipt, be it electronic (paperless) or traditional (on paper).

The examination result shows the identity of the issuer as well as a color identification (traffic light function)



YELLOW = Pending (try again later)

RED = Wrong (Check your data input)

The fiscal signature is structured in a way that manual input is easily possible. The signature together with the amount (= access code) can also be configured as a link, barcode or QR code for scanning purposes.


Link to Individual verification