EFSTA – example of an intelligent and sustainable update concept


Since the introduction of the efsta system have been made four updates of the system and clients. The latest changes on the 14th of November 2013 have not only brought improvements in the performance but also the implementation of the „Efsta Advanced Services“. Thus, for the first time it is possible to simultaneously transmit the transaction data and also extra information such as the electronic cash register receipt to the end customer.

The concept, the realization and the quality of an update are “an example of an intelligent and sustainable update concept”. The system architecture is designed in such a way that neither the clients nor the source system have to be changed or disconnected nor is a user interaction required. This enables the sustainable implementation of future changes due to legal specifications or new functions without extra input from the user. All changes and developments are constantly published and are available in the forum.

EFSTA preview during the pharmacist summit at the FMF

[Vienna, Austria]

On September 18th, 2012,  together with the association of pharmacists the Federal Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the RIA (Risk, Information and Analysis Center of the Federal Finance Ministry) organized a summit at their headquarters in Vienna. In addition to high-ranking representatives of the association of pharmacists the summit was attended by corporate trustees, public accountants, cash register manufacturers as well as representatives of the financial police and business auditors.

During the course of the summit the efsta-process was presented.

The event was held to establish contact between these professional groups for future cooperation.